About Us

  • Gotham Telecom’s role as consultants is to provide intellectual capital and advisement service to our customers in various markets to help decrease cost and improve efficiency.

    The teams of Gotham are trusted advisors to our clients offering consulting services covering an array of technology products and services. New offerings emerge daily; our clients rely on our expert guidance to leverage existing infrastructure and contracts in preparation for a successful and prepared tomorrow.

    At Gotham, our teams of experts are committed to creating flexible, reliable and cost effective solutions for Voice, Data Facilities, and Energy Solutions. Today’s “portable office” and wireless/cellular are areas of significant growth for consulting engagements with clients across the globe.

    Our list of satisfied clients includes those for whom we have created effective scalable networks customized to their specific needs and those for whom we have provided much needed funds through our retrospective and prospective audit processes to begin the planning on these kinds of projects.

    Gotham Telecom, under the leadership of Danya Rogers Cohan, President, has collaborated with a variety of clients across the United States and abroad to provide cutting edge optimized communication solutions.

    Danya Rogers Cohan is the founder and President of Gotham Telecom, Inc. and Global Sustainability. In her role as a principal of the company, Danya personally oversees the management of many large projects and has conceptualized, designed and implemented telecom ventures, traversing a broad range of industry environments.

    Danya has a proven track record, managing complex projects with a professional eye and a positive outlook, successfully delivering results. Danya works effectively in the face of rapidly shifting priorities, deliverables and deadlines. Danya and the Gotham Telecom team deliver customized, integrated and successful projects on time and within the budget.

  • “We obtained savings of $300,000 annually- a total of over $1,000,000 for the life of the contract. This savings greatly exceeded our expectations.”
    – Senior VP, NYK Line Inc.