Cost Reduction

  • Retrospective Cost Recovery and Cost Containment

    Our Telecommunication Expense Management program offers a retrospective audit and analysis of a company’s telecommunications services and charges. We audit each line item for accuracy and benchmark against industry and ‘best practice’ for optimization.
    Gotham provides clients with assurance that your company is not overpaying for services and that all telecom services are being optimized.

    Wireless/Cellular Audit & Cost Containment

    Wireless Optimization is a critical element of our comprehensive management solution. Continual rate plan optimization is perhaps one of the most important aspects to achieve sustainable long-term cost avoidance.

    With proactive wireless expense optimization, we can identify areas of excess spending. We are able to drastically reduce overspending while providing clear, actionable steps to prevent unnecessary costs.

    Telecom Expert Management/Mobile Device Management

    Gotham Telecom manages daily moves, adds, changes, and troubleshooting with vendors and carriers to resolution. We will contact the necessary providers involved in order to correct the issue in a timely fashion.

    Management of Vendors

    Gotham Telecom will liaise with vendors and manufacturers to:

    • Analyze available solutions in the marketplace
    • Assist our clients in understanding how these technologies will work together in their environment to provide the desired functionality and achieve success
    Negotiations with Carriers

    Gotham Telecom will:

    • Negotiate voice, data, wireless and vendor agreements
    • Decrease clients’ monthly recurring costs and increase technological availability
  • Industry Statistics

    Automated processes can reduce the cost to process an invoice by 63-67 percent.

    – Aberdeen Group

    80% of enterprises will overspend on their wireless service costs by an average of 15 percent through 2014.

    – Gartner Group

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